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Empowering Organizations, Engaging People, and Driving Success Together.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance companies to their highest potential by delivering proactive, tailored HR strategies that align with business goals, foster a positive work environment, and stimulate growth.

Our Values

Proactive HR Consulting is built upon the cornerstones of Consistency, Simplicity, Efficiency, Accountability, and Humility. Each of these values plays a critical role in our operations and approach.


In the realm of HR, being consistent, fair, and equitable is of utmost importance. It helps prevent discrimination and fosters a sense of trust within the workforce. For instance, if an employee sees their peer being rewarded for a specific action, they will be motivated to emulate the same behavior, expecting a similar reward. Inconsistent outcomes can erode this trust, diminishing employee engagement and motivation. Our consistency ensures transparency, reliability, and trust in all our actions.


While the logistics and intricacies of HR can be complex, our aim is always to deliver solutions that are easy to understand and implement. We believe that simplicity in our processes encourages greater engagement and utilization of our services. By eliminating unnecessary complications, we help clients focus on what truly matters.


This principle ties together consistency and simplicity. Recognizing that time is everyone's most valuable resource, we strive to provide services that are not only consistent and simple but also time-efficient. We value our clients' time and aim to deliver impactful results with minimal time expenditure.


We hold ourselves responsible for the services we provide and the outcomes they yield. Accountability is the backbone of our operations, pushing us to deliver the best for our clients. We take ownership of our actions and decisions, always standing by them.


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Our Services

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Our comprehensive talent acquisition and recruitment services help you identify and attract top-notch professionals who align with your organization’s values and objectives.

Performance Management and Employee Development

We assist you in developing effective performance management systems that drive individual and team excellence. Our experts provide guidance on setting clear goals and…

Employee Engagement and Retention

By understanding the unique dynamics of your workforce, we help you create a culture that fosters employee engagement and enhances retention rates. Our strategies encompass…

HR Policy and Compliance

Stay compliant with ever-changing employment laws and regulations with our expert guidance. We assist in developing and implementing robust HR policies and…

Organizational Development and Change Management

Adapting to market dynamics requires organizations to be agile and responsive. We provide tailored organizational development and change management solutions to…

HR Strategy and Consulting

Our HR strategy and consulting services offer a holistic approach to address your unique business challenges. Whether it’s designing a comprehensive HR roadmap, optimizing HR…

"Working with Proactive HR Consulting has been a game-changer for our business. Their strategic guidance and expertise in talent acquisition helped us build a high-performing team, while their HR policies and training programs ensured compliance and employee satisfaction. Highly recommend their services!"

Jason S.

"We engaged Proactive HR Consulting for a major HR restructuring project, and they exceeded our expectations. Their thorough analysis, proactive approach, and seamless execution resulted in a smooth transition and improved HR processes. Their expertise and professionalism were instrumental in our success."

Sarah J.

"Proactive HR Consulting has been our trusted HR partner for several years. Their exceptional support in areas like performance management, employee engagement, and HR strategy has greatly contributed to our company's growth and success. Their team's expertise and dedication make them a valuable asset for any organization."

Emily T.

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Stay informed and up to date with the latest trends and insights in HR. Explore our comprehensive collection of HR news to gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of human resources.

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About Salient

The Castle
Unit 345
2500 Castle Dr
Manhattan, NY

T: +216 (0)40 3629 4753

About Salient

The Castle
Unit 345
2500 Castle Dr
Manhattan, NY

T: +216 (0)40 3629 4753

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